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Eileen’s Testimonial

Upon my visits to San Diego I have twice needed acupuncture. Once I had hurt my knee while traveling to SD.Another time I caught a cold while flying from NY to SD. Both times I was lucky enough to get an appt with Nikki who helped me with both issues. My knee has never bothered me again, and the cold

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Kathleen’s Testimonial

When I was visiting in San Diego recently my vertigo had come on strong enough that I couldn’t fully participate in the activities I had traveled there for.
I called my Mom back in NY and asked her for the name of the acupuncturist you had helped her twice before on her visits to SD. Once for her knee

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Clint’s Testimonial

I have been a regular patient of Nikki’s for nearly a year and during this time my health has never been better. Nikki takes the time to listen to my needs, monitor my health and is always willing to provide alternative solutions to my long term health. From accelerating the healing of a broken bone or a torn muscle to

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