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Lose weight this summer with acupuncture

summer-beach-05272014One of the vexing aspects of the approach of summer is how you can obtain your “swimsuit body.” While the winter months, especially around the holidays, are a time for putting on some weight, the summer months are reserved for strenuous activity, especially on the beach.

Part of the reason that acupuncture can help with weight loss is that it can regulate the metabolism as well as food cravings and digestive problems. A slightly accelerated metabolism is obviously helpful in shedding the pounds. Eliminating food cravings and alleviating digestive problems can help one with the will power needed to avoid the extra donut and to rush nutrients to the body to make you less hungry.

There is a psychological element to weight problems as well — People who feel depressed or anxious have a tendency to fill their emotional needs with food, especially the kind that causes weight gain. The more weight is increased, the greater the emotional distress, and the more food is eaten, and hence the vicious cycle continues. Acupuncture can help one achieve a better psychological state, and thus remove the incentive to eat and promoting weight loss.

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