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What does your waistline say about your health?

If you are a man and your waistline is over 40 inches, or a woman with a waistline over 35 inches, you may be facing increased risks of health problems – namely the health of your heart. For nearly a decade, researchers followed the weight and waists of over 100,000 men and women age 50+. The consequence of having a larger waistline wasn’t promising: over the 10 years, those with the biggest waists were twice as likely to die from heart disease, cancer and respiratory disorders as those whose waists were slimmest. This was true even for the participants that did not gain weight, but whose body shape shifted to a larger waistline.

The increase in risk may be due to the characteristics of abdominal fat; studies have shown that it secretes proteins and hormones that contribute to inflammation, raise cholesterol levels and interfere with the way the body processes insulin.

The researchers suggest aiming for the ideal waist size of 40 inches or less for men, and 35 inches or less for women. If you follow a diet rich in fruit & vegetables and make it a point to get active for at least 30 minutes each day, you can help keep your waistline – and overall body weight – in check.

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